March 31, 2004
M.E.S.S.-ed Utility Released!

This thing uses the vast databases included with the M.E.S.S. emulator to manage your roms and artwork files for any system emulated by mess. It can also be used as a dat generator for misc emulators like visual pinball. It does far too many things for me to explain here, so check the readme for more info.

Go get it on the misc utilities page.

Posted by Howard at 02:34 PM
March 27, 2004
Bonus App #1: VP Wrapper 4.0 Enhanced

What's New:

Version 4.0

-Added position and size options
-Wrapper now skips disclaimer dialog box in leu of it's own "cabinet friendly" disclaimer
-Options can now be saved for individual games as well as a default configuration.
-Enter Now launches a game in the settings screen.
-Delete now deletes tables in the settings screen.
-Removed Broken Translucency settings.
-Added two Dual Display presets for those of you wishing to make the ultimate visual pinball rig.

Posted by Howard at 04:10 PM
March 14, 2004
Web Launcher 2.0 Released

What's New

-Added better parsing options. You can now bypass the text files completely adn type the url directly from the command prompt.

-Added a "-resolution" option. It can be passed through the command line or on the second line of the txt file.

-Removed scrollbars from the form. Now games look much better.

I've included some sample txt files so you can get the hang of it. Check the included readme for further information. I believe at this point this app is actually useable on an arcade cab. A list of web-based games could be added to the site if anyone is willing to compile a list (hint, hint)

Posted by Howard at 04:07 AM
March 12, 2004
EmuSaver 3.0!

The latest and greatest build of the emusaver is here!

What's New
-added built in options for skipping mame screens and baddumps(no name mame only)
-added pause key feature to stop the timer countdown when you pause a game
-added the ability to define the wrapper name
-repackaged the kit with the new and improved 7.0 wrapper
-tacked on a second wait time between each game launch... this should make the screensaver much easier to exit.

The wrapper kit has also be updated to 7.0 and it's command line tags can be viewed by double-clicking on the exe.

Posted by Howard at 08:08 AM