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Note: In order to understand portions of this document you must first read the Volume Label document.

Ok this is a simple little addition to the information you already know about command line options and paths. Any of the command line options in your emulator cfg files or in the command line option entries in the frontend.ini can now be injected with the following data, by entering the following tags in the command line entry:

%=current games Rom name
%#0=current games Rom name
%#1=current games Description (real name)
%#2=current games Release Date
%#3=current games Manufacturer
%#4=current games Parent Rom Name (it’s own name if it is the parent rom)
%#5=current games Emulator
%#6=current games Genre/Category
%#7=date current game was added to mame
%#8=current games rom path
%#9=current games working status
%#10=current games display information
%#11=current games control panel data
%#12=current games driver
#romvol=path to roms on cd (volume label) for the current emulator
#emuvol=path to emulator on cd (volume label) for the current emulator

*note: the options below refer to Dragon Kings variables, not the games
%xres=screen width
%yres=creen height
%freq=screen frequency
%bits=screen bit depth
%hwnd=screen hwnd for DK (for developers, normal users ignore)

With that above keys you can build rather complex command line options to suit whatever emulator your using. Lets use daphne as an example. Let us also assume that you’ve burned your mpeg files on a dvd (of which you’ve added the rom volume label to your entrys in dk’s daphne.cfg file) and the framefiles for the games are named after the roms and in the root directory of the dvd. The entry in your daphne.cfg would look as follows: (omitting irrelevant data for now)

~ command line options=vldp -framefile #romvol%.txt -x %xres -y %yres –fullscreen
emulator is on a cd=0
roms are on a cd=1
Emulator Volume Label=
Roms Volume Label=Daphne_DvD

Making any sense? No? Well if we were to run dragon’s lair (romname lair) this is how the command line would get injected:

Command line options=vldp –framefile g:\lair.txt –x 1024 –y 768 –fullscreen

The drive with the “Daphne_DvD” volume label was found to be G and was replaced as such. A simple % tag signifies the rom name (also a %#0 would work) and dk’s current screen resolution was sent to daphne (the xres and yres) so that daph won’t change the resolution on us. I know this is a little complicated, but the good news is you’ll almost never have to use these advanced features. As a matter of fact, daphne is the only emulator that requires additional info, and I’ve just shown you how to do it!! (on a dvd, but remove the volumelabel tag and add your framefile path and your all set)


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