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Like the Raging Dragon,  Lazarus has a lot of  "hidden" features.  I will do my best to keep these little known features documented here.  If I've left one out please contact me and I'll add it. 

Logo Support:

Incase you haven't noticed, each path entry has a logo variable in addition to a caption.  There is a "logos" folder in the root of Lazarus in which you can put any type of logo you want.  Transparent gif's are supported for the record.  Have fun with your logos!

Intro Movie:

This has changed, see the skins section fo the manual.

Media For the Screensaver:

There is a default.m3u file in your root directory.  Replace this with your favorite playlist and the screensaver will play mp3s, wavs, avi's ect. Any version of windows media player is required for this to work.  (Technically wmp is required for lazarus to run properly anyway.) 

History/Mameinfo Support:

Placing a history.dat and/or a mameinfo.dat in the "mamedats" folder will make information about games contained in those dats available in the info screens.  Now you know what that "no entry found :-(" message is all about. 


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