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Ok this is how you navigate throughout the front-end.  First off you have these keys:

random select
next path
previous path
screen saver

Each one is fairly self explanatory, But they all have different functions in the menus.  Select is like "enter" and exit is like "cancel."  When the screensaver is active next and previous switch songs, select pauses and random select toggles between random and linear playback.  Up and Down control the volume.  Any other key to exit.  When in the "info" screen next and previous toggle between the 3 info screens and the game artwork and up and down scroll the text.

Mice and Joysticks are supported, however I don't concentrate on making the front-end universally compatible as I only use the keyboard. Joystick functions are just like the keyboard. For mice a single click selects and a double click launches.  In the menus a right click cancels and a left click selects. When on the main screen you can toggle between lists via left and right clicking the list's caption or it's logo. You can click an hold a game and move left and right with the mouse for list scrolling.  You can rapidly scroll left and right by Right clicking and holding.  You can skip straight to the info screen for a piece of game artwork by simply clicking on it. 

As I said joystick and mouse support is sketchy at best, so if you find a menu that doesn't respond to the mouse/joystick PLEASE contact me and tell me where it won't work.  I'll fix it and include it upon the next release.  Also if something seems to work wrong when using the joystick try it with the keyboard... I have to make separate code for the joystick functions and I sometimes forget to update them when I change code in the keyboard version.

Btw you can redefine keys in the menu or in the ini file.  Joystick buttons can only be redefined in the ini file. 


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