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This is a quick tutorial on how to setup Dragon King straight out of the box for use with mame.  Advanced setup will be discussed later.

Before we get started with the setup let us make sure you have all that is required.  You will need a pc running windows 98 or higher with Direct-X 8 or higher installed.  You will also need a modern video card capable of hardware acceleration.  Some cards work better with Dragon King than others.  Some don’t even work at all.  For a list of tested cards please check the site.  If you have found that a card not listed works, then please contact me and I will add it.  You will also need the visual basic runtime files.  If you are running me! 2000 or XP then these aren’t required.  There is a link to these files on the main page.  You need to have MAME installed before you setup Dragon King.  You might also want to download the latest catver.ini from triggerfin’s site and place the catver. ini in the “list generator\catvers\” folder.  The first time setup will prompt you for this, but if the computer you are installing on lacks an internet connection then it won’t be able to retrieve the file for you. 

Ok now that all of that junk is out of the way, open up your frontend. ini.  You can choose to mess with these settings or not, but for now we are only interested in the [DX] section of the manual.  The render mode should be set to intelligent method.  Many cards, including the ArcadeVga and Radeon 7000 don’t support hardware acceleration so you need to change the number entered to reflect the “full software” mode method.  90% of the time you can skip this step, but if you setup Dragon King only to get a blank screen then you need to mess with this setting. 

These are the only settings you need to mess with at this point.  Start Dragon King and it will prompt you with any data it needs.  When you get to the MAME section make sure to point to a valid mame. exe or the setup will fail.  I think the rest is pretty much self-explanatory, so after you answer the questions and fill out the data let the front end generate the lists for you and go get a sandwich or something while you wait.  (It can take a while or slower systems.)

That is it, you are now ready to use The Dragon King!

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