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Ok first off visual pinball is the exception to every rule.  First you cannot find a listinfo style dat file for visual pinball.  Luckily data dragon makes a really good alternative dat of which Lazarus supports.  Itís included in the vplauncher for visual pinball.

Secondly the visual pinball wrapper should NOT be put in the same folder as the visualpinball.exe but rather the directory your tables are kept in.

Thirdly your tables and image files wonít be detected straight out of the box due to un-standardized naming conventions.  Donít worry about it though as Iíve made a utility to automatically rename them for you.  Download it from the site and put a copy of your vplauncher.dat in the same folder you extracted it to. Run the program and it will quickly rename your tables and identify them via crc checks.  Now run the list generator program and refresh your roms and your ready to go.  As of right now the program wonít rename your source files but Iím working on it.  For the record you should still keep your vp artwork in mame style folders. (marquees, flyers, snap, cabinets) My suggestion is to put back glasses in the cabinets folder, table pics in the snap folder, and flyers in the flyers folder.

If you need to add a custom table (maybe one you made yourself) Use the vplauncher program to add it to the user.dat and combine that dat with your vplauncher.

Ok thatís about all you need to know for visual pinball. Have fun!

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