July 31, 2002
Skinner App Released

I went ahead and uploaded a beta version of the skinner app. It's a tad glitchy but it should get the job done. Users of the old rd skinner will find it quite familiar. ;-) I haven't written the documentation for it as it's still a work in progress, but hopefully you can figure it out. I expect skins now, so get to work so we can post to the rather empty skins page!

Regarding the site..... Don't you think Kelsey has done a great job? You'll notice the new site is better designed for our needs. You will also notice that you can now post comments about news. I encourage you all to post to this often. Questions, suggestions, comments and even bugs are welcome. :-) As this project grows we will try to make the page grow with it. Future plans include a section for user created files and other such nonsense.

Posted by Howard at 10:55 AM
Font for default skin

Put this in your windows/fonts folder for the full effect.

Lazarus Font

Posted by Howard at 12:38 AM
July 30, 2002
The rebirth is at hand.....

And so he looked upon the grave and felt the earth quake beneath him. And then out of the grave a figure rose. Our old friend is no more, but he is reborn as Lazarus……

Welcome to the official homepage of the first completely universal, multi emulator front end with the mame-cab builder in mind. After a summer off, I have finally rebuilt my old front end from scratch and the result is Lazarus. You can download it to the left, but be sure to read the online manual as a lot of initial setup is required. Enjoy!

Posted by Howard at 11:57 PM
July 18, 2002
Lazarus online manual

The first revision of the Lazarus online manual has been released. You can access it under the "Documentation" link under the Support Files section on the right.

Posted by OSCAR at 11:49 PM
July 16, 2002
Raging Dragon front end

The Raging Dragon can still be found here.

Posted by OSCAR at 07:44 PM
July 12, 2002
Lazarus website online

The Lazarus website is now online. Please feel free to leave comments!

Posted by OSCAR at 08:43 PM