September 28, 2002
So now what do we do?

Ok guys this is pretty much it. The next version of lazarus will contain all possible filters to parse, real video previews of the game in action, a search feature and oh yeah... this :-D

A big thanks to )p( who created this plugin, which will be made available to all fe developers once we get the bugs out of it. For you guys who program in vb, delphi or visual c++, there is a great deal of jimmy rigging that had to be done to get this puppy from stealing focus all the time. Details on how I accomplished this will be posted on byoac.

Posted by Howard at 04:48 PM
September 02, 2002
I'm Bad!

To show what the "pop" sound does and give a good example of what you can do with some creative image manipulation, I give you the brand new Bad Dudes skin. Get it from the skins page and don't forget the font file or else president Regan won't treat you bad dudes to burgers. ;-)

Posted by Howard at 03:48 PM
September 01, 2002
The New wrappers are ready!!

Ok since there is a new and improved lazarus out, I suppose it's time for a new and improved set of wrappers. The command line and keypress wrappers have been upgraded. They have both been re-designed to prevent lockups. If by chance the command line wrapper dosen't exit properly you will be left with a blank screen. Press any key and it will return to lazarus. Go check them out at the wrappers page.

Posted by Howard at 10:44 PM