May 31, 2003
The Dragon King 0.5 is now online!

It's official... the first release of my new front end:

The Dragon King: The Raging Dragon's Legacy

Documentation isn't online yet, but I've made a quick faq you can look at here.
The skinner is also online.

The site will be overhauled very shortly so keep coming back for the next few weeks.

Until then......... "Hail to the King Baby!"

Posted by Howard at 10:58 PM
The Rebirth is at Hand....

Before this day is over you will witness the rebirth. Until then please enjoy our ongoing tale..........

For those of you who haven't read the fist part of our story, please read it here and then everyone please read the conclusion of our story here.

Posted by Howard at 01:45 AM
May 22, 2003
Recovered news entries

All the old news entries have been recovered and can be viewed under the Recovered Archives section on the lower right side. Unfortunately, all previous Comments for each item will not be able to be recovered.

Posted by OSCAR at 05:20 PM
The Rebirth is Coming (Again)

Go here now!

Posted by Howard at 04:20 PM
Looks like we are back in business.

Thanks Oscar, man talk about bad timing. ;-)

Oh well, as the new release is coming soon news regarding Lazarus is rather outdated anyway.

Posted by Howard at 04:19 PM
Working again...

Database corruption!

Previous entries and news items have been lost and appear to be unrecoverable. :(

Note to self "Start making more regular database backups..."

Posted by OSCAR at 09:55 AM
May 21, 2003
test blog

test blog

Posted by OSCAR at 11:09 PM