April 03, 2004
Bonus App #3 Pinball Arcade Wrapper

In my opinion, the finest set of pinball tables ever to be simulated on the pc has to be the Microsoft Pinball Arcade collection. They are arcade perfect in every way. Unfortunately the gui of the pba collection is mouse driven, making it hard to navigate on a normal cabinet. I have fixed that with this wrapper, allowing you to run the tables individually, or as a whole in the pba gui. Navigation can now be done with the mame defaults (on a keyboard), the coin buttons work, and the tables and gui can be exited with a single press of the exit key.

This is the first in my line of wrappers used to take "arcade collections" for the pc and make them playable on a mame cab. If you have a suggestion for a arcade collection that needs wrapped please feel free to contact me.

Posted by Howard at 03:06 PM