July 18, 2005
Johnny 5 1.5

This is mainly a bug fix release. If you were having trouble getting the viewer to work before, this should fix it. If not a debugger is now featured. The debugger gives you a nice status window and an option to save output to a text file. From now on it'll be standard procedure for you to send me a copy of a debug output when you have problems.

Link is to the right, have fun!

Posted by Howard at 11:00 PM
July 14, 2005
A scripting we will go....

Ok I have a very very alpha script available to get Johnny 5 to run in mame. It's mostly for testing now, as the front end in question has to launch j5 with the proper tags prior to launching mame. It can be done in dk right now, but it's a tad tricky. If anyone can think of ways to improve it, please let me know.

As usual, look to the right for a link.


Opps.... moveable type made a boo boo when updating my template. Link is fixed now.

Posted by Howard at 04:45 AM
July 04, 2005
Independence Day Present...

Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls, children of all ages!.... It's good to be back. And now for the first app of the summer. Allow me to present:

Johnny 5 controls viewer beta 1.0!!!

As usual the link is to the right. A few related apps will follow please be patient. I'm not going to post details of the changes here as they are too vast. Needless to say, read the included readme for details.

Oh and on my "other projects" front check out the controls.dat project here. We've went past the 1000 entries mark. Over half of the playable games in mame will now have an entry.

Note: Those of you following the j5 wip over at controls.dat know that I've created a script to run j5 directly in mame. This isn't quite ready yet so give me a day or two.

Posted by Howard at 11:16 PM