November 28, 2002
Dat Maker now Online

Izaram made a great dat maker that works better than mine. With his permission I put it on the site. It comes in handy for visual pinball titles. :-)

(Izaram sorry it took so long, please contact me.)

Posted by Howard at 06:59 PM
Happy Turkey Day! Here's Some Stuffing

If you'll look over to the left lazarus 4.5 beta is out. It's mainly just a bug fix release, but it also adds the ability to make a list based on title images. I also changed the default skin around a little to make it more presentable. I will soon Release a skin to show this off along with some other skins I've been working on. The updated skinner app is also up to support the new list style.
This is merely an update so you have to have lazarus 4.0 installed already. I strongly reccomend everyone to upgrade as it fixes a lot of minor things.

Posted by Howard at 03:58 PM
November 21, 2002
For those that can't see graphics on your models.

This file is apparently needed. install these two files in your "xtras" folder.

(c:\windows\system32\macromed\shockwave 8\xtras\ on most machines)

You should be ok after that. :)

Download file

Posted by Howard at 10:37 AM
November 17, 2002
Crisis Averted ;)

Ok thanks to oscar we are good again... the zip file is now correct.

Posted by Howard at 02:26 PM
Corruption of the setup file. PLEASE READ

The setup lst file got corrupted onthe last compile..... Lazarus will not install correctly without it so get it
here and replace it with the one in the zip file. If you install without it you WILL get errors.

As of now the zip file still has the improper one, but I will blog again once it is updated.

Posted by Howard at 07:47 AM
November 16, 2002
Lazarus 4.0 released!

Ok Guys 4.0 is finally here! Big thanks to )p( for all his help on the latest version. Be sure to read the primer here before using. Also this release is new enough to justify a fresh install.... You will get errors without doing so. The skinner has also been updated.

Posted by Howard at 11:41 PM