December 16, 2002
Heart-Felt Cheap Plug

Ok this isn't exactly Lazarus related news but it's improtant anyway. As you all may or may not know I am very much against the corporate influence in this hobby. Up until this point there were really only two companys that I would endorse, Oscar Controls (suckup points aside kelsey makes some great spinners and restrictor plates) and Andy's Ipac and Opti-Pac. This is beause these two guys actually LISTEN to us and by donig so enhance the quality of parts for our cabinets.

Well now I need to give some cheap plugs to Act-Labs. They have listened to us every step of the way and are working very hard to make a great version of their lightgun for the tv. It sports both svideo AND composite out (they recently cahnged the design for us) and they have announced that they are trying very hard to get around the 1 player only limitation and when they do you most likely won't have to buy a whole new gun system, just a second gun.

The thing is they need enough pre-orders by Feb. I went and made my pre-order to support their hard work trying to give us the product that we want. I suggest that you do so as well.

I can't really give you anything for ordering but lets put it this way... I would like to add a special "mouse mode" to Lazarus, but as I don't care for trackball navigation very much, I will only really work on it if I can get my tv gun. So if you want to see this feature then you need to pre-order a gun so that the orders won't be cancelled and I will get my gun. :-D

Ok end of plug.... Seriously though, go pre-order a gun, it's a load of fun (or so the pc gun owners have told me) and only 40 bucks. I know that a pre-order coupon for this gun under the tree would make a nice holiday gift for those byoac-ers out there.

Posted by Howard at 10:39 PM
December 01, 2002
New command line wrapper

The generic command line wrapper has been updated to version 3.0. This version fixes some bus that caused certain emus not to function. It also adds a launchstyle to the wrapper. Please note that version 2.0 was overwritten as it's a flawed version of 3.0. The lconfig.ini is also slightly different so you'll have to update. The orignal 1.0 is still up though, as it uses different methods to do things from the other two. Go get at at the wrappers page.

Posted by Howard at 10:32 PM