January 29, 2003
A preview of things to come....

I thought some of you might be curious as to what the progress is......

Well here are a few pictures to show what dx laz can do...
The first shows off the layering effects (notice the images are behind those borders), the second shows alpha blending and the third shows advanced alpha blending.




January 23, 2003
New List Generator

Since I am busy with dx laz I won't bother with making a new zip file..... If you want to run mame .63 then you will need to replace your listgen.exe with this one. It will work with all the latest versions of lazarus.

Have fun and happy gaming!

Download here.

Posted by Howard at 06:37 PM
January 12, 2003
Lazarus on hold.....

As you may or may not know, have set the long term goal of completely porting lazarus to directx 8, which will remove the need for complex install procedures, file dependancies and other bothers. The idea was that I was going to release one last "in between" version that would fix some issues before I went forward with it.

Unfortunately that won't be the case. I did some tests and they went so well that I decided to start early. As a matter of fact, all 2d elements have already been ported to dx as well as the sound and video engine. However, I forgot to save an old version of lazarus, so for those of you who were looking fora bug fix release, I can't help you.

So just be patient.... Already this alpha version of lazarus is far superior to the original. It's just going to take some time to get everything converted.

Posted by Howard at 01:42 PM