February 26, 2003
EmuSaver 2.1 bugfix release...

Some people were getting a "restoring sound" error. This version fixes that. In case you are wondering the ini file hasn't changed, so if you don't want to have to setup your paths again you can just replace the scr and exe and leave the ini as-is.

Posted by Howard at 10:39 AM
February 21, 2003
EmuSaver 2.0 Released!

Ok guys, I've added several of the options that you've all suggested including a "mute when in attract mode only" option and a statistics page, detailing the last run of the screensaver.

Btw these errors a few of you have been reporting aren't bugs but results of improper setup. Most are due to the emusaver.ini or cmd-launch2.exe being put in the wrong places. I have put in a bit of code to check for that, so I hope that helps.

Also regarding tech support.....
There has been an overwhealming response since I released the first scr that I really didn't expect. I am literally getting so many suggestions/comments/tech support questions that I can't answer them. So please do NOT send me ANY emails about this application. If you have a question/suggestion then please post it on the byoac forum. If you post it there I probably will answer it. If you email it to me then I will not.

I hated to put that last bit in, but you guys are getting worse than spammers ;-)


Posted by Howard at 07:06 PM
February 10, 2003
Brand New app Released!

After some comments about screensaver mode in advance mame I decided to make an external one that will do the same thing but with any version of mame.... it will work with any command line app for that matter.

So Please check out the EmuSaver, the windows screensaver that lets you run games. Btw it will also work with lazarus, and instructions to do so are included.

Posted by Howard at 11:51 PM