March 28, 2003
Problems with the 4.5 installer.....

For those of you having issues please check out this thread... Towards the bottom it explains how to install manually, which is very easy. When the installer is fixed I will re-post and let you know.

Posted by Howard at 06:48 PM
March 23, 2003
Lazarus 4.5 Final

I've taken all of those odd-ball tweaks and patches regarding lazarus 4.5 and put them into a nice custom setup package. So now just use this to install and disregard any xtras or updated listgen's mentioned in the news archive. This install is made by me and thus works much better.

So everyone who has had troubles installing in the past might want to check it out.

Posted by Howard at 10:33 PM
A new skin?

This one doesn't happen too often. Chazz sent in his Neogeo Xtreme skin and I must say it turned out very well. So if you like your neogeo xtreme, go download it at the skins page.

Posted by Howard at 06:02 PM
March 19, 2003

Thanks to a big screwup on my part I sent out the wrong version of the u64 wrapper a few weeks ago. That one only launches ki2 on most machines. (Thanks Mike) For those of you that downloaded it go get it again as I just fixed the zip file.

Posted by Howard at 03:17 PM
March 07, 2003
Another Day Another Wrapper

Ok I made a visual pinball wrapper that will work correctly with visual pinmame 1.20 beta. All advanced features are disabled as this particular version of pinmame is very buggy. I don't reccomend that you use pinmame 1.20 beta, but just in case you can't wait to play those extra tables... enjoy!


I also updated the generic command line wrapper to the code that's used in the wrapper for the upcoming emusaver version. This version of the wrapper is a little beefy but it's more stable. So get a copy of version 4 today!

Posted by Howard at 05:16 PM
March 03, 2003
Finally a new wrapper!!

Since u64emu development seems to have slowed down once again, I modified the original u64 wrapper to work with u64emu 3.0.5! This means you only need one emulator to run both ki and ki2. So go download it at the wrappers page!! A new vp launcher to work with the pinmame beta may be on the way so stay tuned.

Note: I didn't give you an ini file to mess with because it's unnecessary. With that being said, sending the romname ki.img or or simply ki will launch killer instinct and ki2 will launch (you guessed it) ki2. So keep that in mind as in mame the imges have been renamed to kinst and kinst2. They are technically different images, so I used the original names that the u64 author gave them.

Posted by Howard at 05:34 PM