August 31, 2003
LogoPack 1 released!

I have been putting a release off for a long time, but as many of you may know one of my side projects is to create a good collection of game, company and mame genre logos for use in front ends. If you go to the logo's page, you will find my latest build at the absolute bottom of the page. It contains reworked company logos and genre logos for almost every genre in the catver. A few are even animated! So go get em now.

Posted by Howard at 08:16 PM
August 29, 2003
New List Generator

While working on the Controls.dat project I found several minor bugs in the list generator for lazarus/dk. Until a new verison of dk comes out, you can get the latest listgen form the link to the right. I reccomend downloading it as it's the only way to get the first 10 mame games in your list (opps).


Posted by Howard at 12:17 PM
August 13, 2003
Favorites Tutorial Online

The online docs now have instructions on making a favorites list, as promised. Enjoy!

Posted by Howard at 08:20 PM
0.8 Bug found, so I released 0.81

GSXRMovistar found a bug regarding an error when you don't have a start.mp3 for your skin. Details about it here.

I strongly suggest that if you downloaded 0.80 that you download the update patch to the right. For the rest of you, download the whole shebang.

Sorry for the bug guys.

Posted by Howard at 06:24 PM
August 12, 2003
New App! Web Launcher 1.0

Since online arcade style games are very popular now days I decided to make a app that launches webpages full screen and closes them upon the escape key. It also tricks emus into thinking that the online games are roms via sites files. You'll understand what I mean once you download it.

So download web launcher 1.0 to the right. :)

Posted by Howard at 11:23 PM
August 11, 2003
Dragon King 0.8 Released!

After a long wait I have another edition of dk ready for you.

What's New

Added gamefaq support for the info screen.
Added Favorites Tagger (documentation for this feature will be up soon)
Added Gamelist print out (prelimenary, for you sortinfo freaks)
Added Dedicated Keys for shifted functions.

Added Z-order support to skins.
Added Color tinting and translucency adjustments to the element options.

Added a wait command for game return. This will fix issues with dk returning to a blank screen after a game is launched.

Also added several misc options to the frontend.ini Please look it over as many fix previous issues some people were having.

Phase 1 of the menu re-vamping is complete. You can now adjust the info screen's font size in game and the redefining keys menu is now much cleaner.

Dynamic memory allocation is now in place. What this means to you is DK takes up less memory if you have a modest masterlist than normal. Average memory footprint for heavy use is now around 35-40 megs as opposed to the previous 200+ megs.

The list generator is now independant of mame releases. Unless I decide to add more features It'll never be altered again. List info also skips mame dat generation if it's not found. Eventually I will add a "use custom dat" toggle in dk so you don't have to generate dynamically.

Bug Fixes
Alt elements now work.
Fixed misc bugs regarding skin changing.
Fixed misc skin bugs.
Intro video doesn't skip anymore.
Various fixes to the sound engine.
Various compatability improvments.

So many bug fixes I've forgotten them all.

Known Issues
Although now support is much better, some cards will still have issues with dk. I'm working on it.

You can no longer skip the intro by pressing a key. This was causing many issues so I took it out. It may return in a future release.

Dk might have trouble getting focus upon return from a game. If it does contact me as I'm trying to track down this little bug.

A few other suprises will be up soon. In the mean time, have fun!

Skinner app 4.0 is now online.

Posted by Howard at 06:12 PM
August 07, 2003
Some new docs are up.

I've done a slight update to the manual. It now reflects some dk specific pages. Please note that it might not be relevant yet as it's written with the upcoming version of dk in mind.

Posted by Howard at 08:29 PM
August 04, 2003
Pardon Our Dust

I have decided that making another dk, dedicated website would take up too much of my time and Oscar is equally busy at the moment. So I've decided to compromise and make a split site. If you notice above, I updated the logo to reflect this. Eventually, I will edit Oscar's style sheets and color code all the links/news with lazarus info being in the traditional color scheme and Dragon King news in a more greenish hue.

(Btw I am working hard at a new release which will be done soon. Just sit tight kids.)

Posted by Howard at 01:10 PM