October 13, 2003
He-Man Lifts Dk's Fx?

This is wildy off topic but I thought I would let you guys know. I was up early this morning and by chance tuned into the new he-man series on cartoon network. I suddenly thought someone had turned my cab on to find out the sounds were coming from the tv! If you don't beleive me, tune into the episode entitled Seperation and listen closely at the scene where battle-cat first growls at the dragon. Does his growl sound familiar? Now listen to the dragon's screech... boy that sounds familiar too.

Now before people take this out of context, please keep in mind that I got the sound fx from various open liscense sites throughout the net. They didn't "steal" them at all. However, I got those two sounds on different sites and they are clipped and speed altered almost exactly how I did it originally. The only explaination I cna figure is we have a dk user that works on the he-man show. :)

Posted by Howard at 06:47 AM