December 15, 2003
Of Things to Come

I have been working a lot lately on adding some of the much promised original features to DK. One of the things that I've been most unsatisfied with is the Default Dragon King skin. In order to Make the skin I really want, I had to allow totally custom lists, that allow the user to position and size each individual list element. The results can be seen here. It isn't very pretty at the monent, but you can see the potential in the way I can move things around. Anyway skins are on the way (finally) so hold tight.

Posted by Howard at 05:14 PM
December 12, 2003
Happy Festivus, Christmas, Quanza, Haunakha, whatever...

Ok now news lately as I'm going through another extensive upgrade to dk. I thought I would be fun to make everyone a nice holdiay themed skin for Xmas. I'll make it or one of you guys can make it, the choice is yours. What I would like is a list of ideas. Please respond to this thread with your suggestions.

Posted by Howard at 09:09 PM