January 15, 2004
Controls Viewer Finally Here

After months of waiting I think I finally have a program useable enough for you guys to try. The controls.dat viewer has finally been released. Please keep in mind that this is a very early beta though and the documentation is limited. Look for a tutorial on how to get this working in the new dragon king shortly.

p.s. If you have no clue what I'm talking about go here.

p.s.p.s This link will only be in the blurb for now as the viewer is far too beta for an "official" release.

*update* current bugs have been fixed, the link below goes to the updated version

*update 01/24/04* Documention for the external communication modes in dk is now avilable in the online docs. This is especially valuable to everyone who is using the viewer as the example shows how to get it working in dk.

Download Here

Posted by Howard at 10:53 PM
January 08, 2004
Bug fix patch

This is a really minor bugfix patch that'll add some fixes to last minute things discussed in the new documentation. If you wish to use those features then download it. :)

Posted by Howard at 10:36 PM
January 02, 2004
Dragon King 0.9 Released!

First of all a belated happy new year to everyone. This build should have been released on christmas, but circumstances beyond my control caused a slight delay. As a result, no christmas skin. :(

Normally I would blog out the what's new right here on the main page, but as this one is nearly two pages long take a look here.

Many powerful new features and options have been added, as well as a spiffy new default skin and the usual slew of bug fixes.

Look for new skins, new apps, and new documentation to appear throughout next week.

**Update** Skinner 5.0 released, which allows you to create custom lists!

**Update** Documentation for some of those new features are up. go check em out.

Posted by Howard at 05:51 PM