February 26, 2004
Skinner 6.0

Ok I really made an effort to update the skinner a little. It's mainly bug fixes and such and to add the new features from dk .95 Unfortunately, as no one seems to want to make skins this app will always have a lower priority. Hopefully this will change in the future.

Posted by Howard at 05:50 PM
February 24, 2004
Dragon King 0.95 Released!

This build reworks the skin even more, fixes a few more bugs, and adds two new features.

Now you can have different path captions for each skin and now you can offset the text generated over the notfound.png A new skinner which will contain bug fixes and add these new features will be released within the week.


Posted by Howard at 11:37 PM
February 12, 2004
Dragon King 0.93 Released!

This one is mainly a cleanup build to fix some of the loose ends. First of all, several bugs, including many ancient ones are fixed. They include but are not limited to:

Screensaver launcher no longer errors out if the screensaver is missing.

Taskbar no longer pops up during game launch and startup.

Infoscreens have been fixed, they should now display artwork if it exists.

The list generator has been cleaned up to be more 98 friendly. If you have had problems with the list generator under 98, I suggest you get this build.

Also the fronend.ini has been cleaned up somewhat and the comments have been altered to reflect changes. The default skin has been cleaned up dramatically, this is an on going process and expect to see improvments with each release. I only mentioned the major bugs many many have been dealt with. If you repoted a bug then most likely it is now fixed.

I strongly suggest you all upgrade to this build as it's just all around more complete and polished.

Posted by Howard at 12:37 PM
February 04, 2004
Command Line Wrapper 6.0!

This is probably the final version of the generic command line wrapper (barring a slight modification to make it work better with emusaver.) This one is basically the same as the last version but give's you a little more power over what is going on. Now you can manually use only one exit method or even turn off forced exit completely. This fixes problems with zinc and nebula, among others I might not be aware of.

So go download it now as it'll probably be the last one you'll ever need. :)

Posted by Howard at 01:37 PM
February 02, 2004
State of the Dragon Address

I've been sick lately so my projects have been left in limbo. A quick update on what is going on.

A big thanks to everyone that helped to debug the controls viewer (especially cdbrown). I will try to release a more official version shortly that fixes several bugs and is far more stable. Stay tuned on that one.

Dragon King has a few bugs (some that are super old, like left over from the lazarus rebuild old) that I've finally gotten around to squashing. A "final" version of .9 will be released soon. Also regarding this, the ini supplied with .9 has some leaked features that aren't active yet. So if you can't figure out what an entry is for then don't worry about it. I'll have this fixed with the next release.

Skins... we don't have any. Nobody has submitted to me a dk specific skin in ages. You guys should get on that, seriously. I'll see if I can post some of my feature test skins to inspire you guys.

If you notice there is a new link to the screenshot archive. I suggest you console users check it out as it's literally the only place to find good console artwork. My daphne pack is also hosted there, which contains literally every possible piece of artowrk for daphne. I intened to post other packs for other emulators there in the future, so keep an eye on it. It's also the only place to get my defunct generic artwork renamer.

Btw the vb6 runtime file link is finally fixed. Thanks to eveyrone who bugged me repeatedly about it. Knowing micro$oft, the link will change next week anyway, but I tried.

One more thing on the horizion. I found a "lost" application in the way of a screensaver and I will relase it as soon as I update it a little. It basically mimics the old school lazarus artwork screensaver. As there aren't any good slideshow screensavers that support png files, I figured it would be a good idea to release it. Btw emusaver is still available and imho it's still the best screensaver you can use for a decidated cabinet.

I'm winding down for a while, so if you have any bugs or features, ect, now would be the time to ask before I go into hibernation for the rest of the winter. You can put comments at the bottom of this post... feel free.

Posted by Howard at 01:22 PM