October 24, 2004
Ot: Zinc Wrapper

For you zinc fans out there 1.0 has been released supporting over 70 roms! For those of you who use my wrapper to launch zinc, fear not. I have written a tiny script and I have updated the wrapper cfg file so you don't have to put in the 70 translations manually. Unfortunately as zinc doesn't have a new dat file yet, I can't verify that it's accurate, so it will be a few days before I release it. When I do, however, I will post the news asap.

Posted by Howard at 01:41 PM
October 14, 2004
The Return of the (Dragon) King

All good things must come to an end. Before I retire from the front-end business this old gal has two more releases yet to come. Expect the old girl to get a freash new update around the end of November. This upcoming vesion will add literally everything a 2d front end needs, putting dk, once again at the top of the heap (like it ever left for people who actually use it). Also known focus and sound bugs will be fixed.

Spread the word, and let the super hype begin!

Posted by Howard at 09:46 PM
October 09, 2004
Dogg Hunt released

Played duckhunt? Want to shoot the dog? Now you can! For further information on my first remake go here.

The download link is to the right, enjoy. Please send feedback!

Posted by Howard at 02:57 AM