November 15, 2004
Command Line Wrapper Kit updated!!! (Again)

Ok, it's in sync with version 1.0.2 go have fun!

Posted by Howard at 12:31 AM
November 10, 2004

Bah! and double bah!! I waited for zinc to stabilize before i released the updated wrapper kit and they release a new version literally hours after I get it out. So you can pretty much ignore that last post. I'll hopefully get time to update it (again) tomorrow night.

sorry guys. :(

Posted by Howard at 12:42 AM
November 09, 2004
Command Line Wrapper Kit updated!!!

The generic command line wrapper kit has finally been updated. The only changes are the fact that all of the included zinc examples have been updated... The catver, the cfg as well as the lconfig.ini, so you don't have to worry about making them yourself for zinc 1.01

Posted by Howard at 05:23 PM