December 17, 2004
HowardC lives!

For those of you who were concerned (both of you ;) ):

I am almost 100% recovered at this point. I am resuming progress, but slowly, at my own pace. However, as only one week remains before the holidays, I am unsure as to what I can get finished. Here's hoping I can get some stuff done, but if not, at least we all have something to look forward to in the new year.

Posted by Howard at 09:01 PM
December 13, 2004
Final Release of Dk delayed.

In typical "Grizwald" fashion, I fell down some stairs while finishing up my Christmas decorations this year. While I'm prefectly fine, I am pretty banged up and thus I haven't felt like coding lately. This has thrown my whole schedule off and with the holidays closing in, the final release may be delayed until after new years.

I apoligize for this as I'm seldom ever late with a release of the fe. Hopefully you guys will get it as a very special christmas present, but don't hold your breath.

Posted by Howard at 05:55 PM