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      • It's the boring stuff that gets ya.....
        UGH! On the one hand I love the new skinner as it makes things a lot more "wysiwyg". On the other hand, I absolutely HATE having to add in all these menus. Not only do I have to add a function to display a menu, but I also have to add code to about 4 more functions which retrieve all the

      • Bloopers and Practical Jokes (And more functionality too!)
        Ok, a few things to go over today. First off, I'm not quite done with the internal skinner yet. I've added all the primary settings, but there are still a few new settings to add. I should be done within a day or so, but it's mostly a "this is boring so I don't want to do

      • Dk's New Internal Skinner
        As I undertake the task of finishing up half-completed code in dk to get it ready for next month's release it has become apparent to me that I might not get around to updating the documentation anytime soon. (Or ever, for that matter.) So the easiest thing for me to do is to psuedo document n

      • I'm an Idiot!
        Ever had one of those days where you try to solve a problem the hard way only to find out later that the solution was actually MUCH simplier than you thought? Ever had an entire YEAR like that? Well, apparently I did. Aside from the lack of a new skin an a few very minor bugs, one of the main rea

      • Happy New Year! (No I'm not Dead)
        There hasn't been much activity because the holidays kept me busy. Unfortunately, there probably won't be any significant releases for a while still. I've been experimenting with new programming languages and (gasp!) some hardware programming as well. There are a few neglected rele

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