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  • 2019
    • March
      • Pardon Our Dust
        Saint has been working hard upgrading byoac and as a side-effect, this site was updated as well. It's now running more recent versions of apache and php, which means some of the broke stuff (no comments, can't collapse link boxes, ect) works again! That being said I'm still going th

    • February
  • 2018
    • February
      • Move Along.....Nothing to See Here.....
        Ok I think I have most of the files back up. Some files that are buried deeper in the site might still be down, so if you run across some please email me. Thanks.

      • Pardon My Dust.
        It looks like the php counter for the downloads nuked itself again. That means some download links are broken, so please be patient while I fix them.

  • 2017
    • December
      • I'm Baaaaack! (Outrun 2 FXT 2.5 is out)
        Due to some issues which I won't get into, the website has been neglected the past few years. I'm going to make an effort to do regular updates from now on. A project I've been working on for a few years now, Outrun 2 FXT, is getting a new release tonight. The only new feature is j

  • 2014
    • August
      • Checkered Flag 1.0 Released!
        Well I guess hell has frozen over because I managed to release a new Front-End.

        Checkered Flag is designed specifically for racing cabs and has a very simple, no-frills design.

        It is in it's early stages, but feel free to check it out. As per-usual you'll find more

    • March
      • Mamehooker 5.1 Released!
        We've been testing this guy for a week or so now and I think it's time to officially release it.

        5.1 adds a ton of new stuff, but the main highlights:

        Wheel support.

        The ability to Load and manipulate FF effect files.

        Title Bar Hooking for Unsu

    • February
      • Introducing the UCDP
        Yes the Universal Console Dashboard Project.

        This is a quickie mini project for me that adds in-game menus to popular emulators, allowing you to access basic functions all on the gamepad, eliminating the need to whip out a keyboard.

        For more details and some preview vids please

    • January
      • (I) Fix(ed)-it Felix Jr. 5.3
        This is probably the final build. The rotate on "R" function has been removed and a minor sanity check has been added, as per usual download link is to the right.

  • 2013
    • December
      • (I) Fix(ed)-it Felix Jr. 5.2
        Just some minor updates to the wrapper.

        A Cocktail mode has been added. In addition "forced" joystick polling now works better and a bug which prevented really high scores from being saved is fixed.

        Links are to the right, enjoy!

    • November
    • June
      • Well that was fast.
        It turns out the damage wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. Several file links got lost but many of them were just older revisions of software, so there was no reason to re-add them.

        Everything should be back up but please contact me via boyac if anything is missing from the site,

      • Links might be dead.
        There seems to have been a minor corruption of the php re-direct that handles the links here on the site. Anything added after around the middle of 2010 is gone.

        The files themselves are ok though, it's just the php list that manages them. It's roughly 20 files so please be

    • March
      • Ok Let's Try This Again....... TS2 1.2
        Brand new software always has issues.

        I *think* I squashed all the bugs from before.

        So if your gun had the diagonal issue, or the buttons didn't work for vcop, this should fix you up.

        As usual, the link is to the right.

      • Troubleshooter 2: Shoot Harder
        Ok, over at BYOAC me a few other guys have been on a three month odyssey with the Model 2 emulator that resulted in this app.

        The troubleshooter 2, much like the original troubleshooter (which I did NOT make) adds dual lightgun support to pc games. It also supports joystick-based light

    • February
      • Ignore the Man Behind the Curtain
        Over the next few days you'll see some new blocks appear to the left and most of the links will be invalid. I'm gearing up for software releases, so I'm making additions to the site. Just ignore them for now and I'll make a proper announcment once they are ready.

  • 2012
    • November
      • Getting Back on Track
        Man it's been a rough year. I won't bore you with the details but over the past 6 months there have been a few deaths in the family, two major power outtages, one during a heat wave and another during a cold snap and I've been very ill. And of course the site was broken for two month

    • September
      • Back for real this time.
        Unfortunately, about a day after I made that last post, the site went down again.

        Things appear to be working now, so keep your fingers crossed.

        Just for future reference:

        When the site goes down I do NOT have access to the files! Please don't e

    • August
      • Pardon Our Dust!
        For anyone who had trouble downloading things in the past week or so I apologize. It was an unforseen result of BYOAC moving to a new server. I think everything is in working order again but if you have any issues please let me know.

        Big thanks to SirWoogie for getting everything work

    • July
      • Supermodel now supports MAMEHooker!
        I had nothing to do with this, but the supermodel guys have added support for mame-style outputs and thus the supermodel emulator is now supported by mamehooker!

        Supermodel is a great model 3 emu that supports such modern notions as force-feedback.

        ATM supermodel's offic

    • April
      • Visual Pinball Launcher 6.1! Bug Fix
        SteveG brought it to my attention that version 6.0 of the wrapper sometimes errors out when you try to enter the in-game menu. This version fixes the issue. There aren't any new features or anything but you MUST download the newest version for full operation.

        Again, download from

    • March
      • Visual Pinball Wrapper 6.0 Released!
        This one is a long time coming. The new vp wrapper allows you to do all of the translucency effects from the old 3.0 wrapper and much more. If nothing else it launches and exits vp very cleanly, so you should check it out.

        Note that this wrapper requires some setup. PLEASE read the inc

    • January
      • SOPA and an Example of how it could effect this hobby.
        If you went to BYOAC today you'll have noticed that the forums are blocked due to the SOPA protest. Because this little site is so low on traffic I thought rather than block the site, a better use of my time would be to try to educate everyone a little about how SOPA would effect the average

  • 2011
    • July
      • blahblah and wahwahwah.....
        It has been brought to my attention that the d3d dlls I included in the latest build generate some files, that apparently try to mess with your proxy. They seem fairly harmless (they are trying to dl an configuration file for the dlls apparently) BUT.

        For the d3d8 dll you'll get thi

      • Some Downtime.
        Lately I have been doing pretty consistant updates and I like doing that when I can, but the real world is closing in and I'm going to have to take some downtime, probably for a month or so.

        The Heater Core in my car busted yesterday, so unless I want to bathe in Anti Freeze I'

      • Taito X Wrapper pack 1.2
        Ok I found some dlls on the net that fix a lot of problems with the Taito X Games.

        I've also cleaned up a removed a lot of bulk in my wrapper.

        The combination of the two is the Taito Type X Wrapper Pack 1.2

        It allows you to rotate all of the Vertical Games (exce

      • OOPS! (Part 2, Electric Boogaloo)
        Yup the link to the no artwork version of the rotate wrappers was broken. The php garbled the link, sorry. It's fixed now, so have fun!

      • Arcana Heart 3 wrapper 1.0
        To go with the other type-x games, I've created a wrapper for Arcana Heart 3, which doesn't give you a proper exit key and screws up the screen resolution. I've also included a utility (not mine) to remap the keys.

        The wrapper does the following:

        1. Launches AH

      • OOPS!!!
        Sorry. I had power outtages yesterday and I didn't get a chance to check the files. GigaWing was missing from the pack and the cfg file for Raiden III was messed up.

        Please download 1.1 to get the full, fixed, version.

      • Taito Type X Wrappers! Rotate the Vertical Games!
        In case you've been living in a cave the past couple of weeks, the Taito Type X Arcade "system" (it's actually a glorified pc running win xp) has been hacked and we can now run arcade versions of the games on our pc!

        Unfortuantely the vertical shooters don't come

    • May
      • Mame Hooker 4.0 FINALLY Released!
        After much delay and a lot of bug testing (thanks Dave and Ben) MameHooker 4.0 is finally ready!

        There are a metric ton of additions this time, including a new built in ini editor, which should ease the pain of some of writing scripts. Please understand that because of the sheer amount o

    • April
      • Generic GUI 1.0 released! (aka, supermodel and getting side-tracked)
        This time today I should have been releasing the new version of mamehooker, but things didn't turn out that way. By a strange turn of events, I went about writing a gui for the newly released supermodel alpha. This is nothing new. I've done launchers before, but they have all fallen out

    • March
      • I've got the hookup YO!
        I've spent the last month or so jumping back and forth between various projects all in the hopes of getting my assembly line of apps flowing out the door again.

        MameHooker 3.8 will be the next release. This is probably the most major release in the history of the application, with

    • February
      • MameHooker WIP
        While "real world" annoyances are slowing me down a little, I am still making steady progress.

        The newest feature to mamehooker that I think a lot of the noobs will be most thankful for is the new ini editor. Run a game in MAME (in windowed mode of course) fire up mamehooker

      • Back in the Saddle Again!
        Well I became extremely busy last year and didn't get to do as much on the site as I wanted and I continue to be very busy, but that doesn't mean that I've given up.

        I will slowly start to roll out releases again when I get time. Right now I'm working on a version o

  • 2010
    • May
      • Break Time!
        I've done a lot this spring in terms of getting things back on track, but it's time to take a little break.

        Although this site hasn't been updated all month, I've been working on mame drivers a lot, getting new outputs hooked up. I have a few outstanding drivers and

    • April
      • Mame Hooker 3.7 Released!
        This is a minor revision that adds a major feature. Now you can optionally track key presses and set them up like outputs to fire events when you press a key!

        Taken from the readme.txt:

        What's New
        Added support for keyboard state detection.

    • March
      • Mame Hooker 3.6
        This version fixes some of the things I didn't fully implement last time as well as adding new functions for all the wacky ideas we've been throwing around over at boyac.

        From the readme:



      • The Status of my Status
        You would think that with the recent release of mamehooker and the ton of display files I did I would be done wiht it for a while. Unfortuantely I'm not. First off, I've added a ton of new features that'll extend mamehooker's usefulness even further so a new version of the app

      • My Loss of Sleep is your gain!
        Couldn't sleep tonight so I decided to do one of those missing display files, Seawolf II

        Check it out:

        I Think she turned out pretty nice. I managed to get all the instruction card text in there, along with all the lamps and a good bit of the bezel artwork.

      • A WIP about a WIP
        On the recently added mamehooker display files section you'll see that I've added a wip at the top of the page. Basically as you know, I've taken the artwork files that Mr. Do and other have created and altered them cosmetically and functionality-wise to work as a mamehooker display

      • Mame Hooker Display Files are Out!!!
        Looking to your right in the mame interop section you'll find the all new display files page! Display files are used in mamehooker to display animated artwork on a second monitor, just like mame, but without the game itself. All of these display files are based on Mr. Do's! official artwo

      • Mame Hooker 3.5 Is Online!
        Ok the release I've been talking about for the last week or so is out.

        New Features: (directly from the readme.)

        What's New
        Added Png support for the displays. (Sorry no transparency.)
      • Of Missile Launchers and HIDs and other things... (Mamehooker wip)
        I finished what will be the next and possibly final version of mamehooker that actually adds new features. This is because the latest thing I've added is generic HID support! For you non-programmers out there, HID devices are basically generic serial (usually usb or bluetooth) devices that yo

      • The plot thickens....
        I got ahold of Mr Do. The beatmania issue was an oversight on his part. It was one of the first output enabled pieces of art he did and wasn't that familair with the game. He told me that he plans to get better images of the game and re-do those, so I'm gonna hold off releasing the beat

      • Is BeatMania THAT unpopular? Or is it just artwork files in MAME?
        As you all know I'm currently working on display files for mamehooker. I've pretty much finished the actual display files so tonight I was going down the line and "hooking up" each display file by adding scripts to each game's ini file. I started to work on beatmania when I

      • Mamehooker WIP
        I posted some info on what will happen next on the site and then nothing....

        So I thought I better post everything's status. The reason I haven't worked on the site or released a new version of mamehooker is simply because I've been busy making display files. Display file

    • February
      • Site Tweaking....
        I went ahead and updated the about mamehooker page to list the new output devices supported. This page as well as most of the pages on the site will undergo a overhaul in the next few weeks. Examples for mamehooker, as well as downloadable display files and scripts will be added and the direct dow

      • Mamehooker WIP
        Right now mamehooker is the app in active development, mostly for personal reasons. (My cab is getting a hardware upgrade atm.) So I thought I would share my progress.

        I saw headkaze's controls.dat viewer and how it can display secondary artwork on a secondary screen and thought tha

      • Mame Hooker 3.0
        After a very lengthly absence, my first NEW piece of software!

        Mamehooker adds a ton of features and bugfixes. Main highlights include support for wiimotes, xbox 360 controllers, speech synthesis and more. For those of you that want a more lengthy "what's new" read the r

      • Don't Call it a Comeback......
        Almost two years to the day when I left and the Dragon King website is finally back in action! I haven't been sitting on my laurels these past couple of years either, so there are a lot of releases to look forward to. I have finally made the jump from xp to windows 7 and thus now is the time

  • 2008
    • February
      • Goodbye....
        No news isn't always good news I'm afraid. I've spent the last week or so struggling over this decision and believe me when I say it's been a difficult one for me. After a lot of soul searching I've decided to leave byoac forums indefinately. It just seems like it isn

      • Blades, Bookkeeping and Lists
        Just before the 360 was released with it's blade menu I had a working beta of dk with the exact same idea. Way to steal my thunder m$!!! :-P Anyway, my blade, like their's pops up regardless of where you are in dk with the press of a button. The blade allows you to navigate to any of t

      • Stuck in the Middle....
        Well the cleanup of my raster font code is coming along nicely. When I first added it to dk ages ago, all raster fonts had a ttf dependant that was used to determine postion and scale. At the time I didn't expect fonts to get very fancy and I figured this would save me a lot of calculations o

      • Raster Fonts!
        Finally out of the pure hell that is the skinner, I've decided to focus work on some of dk's more interesting features. One of the things I'm really excited about because it adds a new element to skins is raster fonts. What are raster fonts? Well another name for them is bitmap fon

      • Happy Days are Here Again!
        With the exception of those two or three settings that'll require keyboard/hi-score mode input to set the skinner is now complete! I have no doubt that when this release comes out we'll find a bug or two though as there's simply too many settings for me to catch everything, even with

      • Time for a quick update......
        Ok the internal skinner is just about done at this point. I need to add in two more random settings, implement some way to edit custom lists (which involves thinking about how to add the interface more than anything else) and clean up the menus in general. On thing that still needs implemented f

      • UGH! (Part 3)
        Yup, still working on the skinner. Yup, it still sucks. I had some serious issues getting some of the list options to work, but those seem to be fixed, so I can add the remaining options and finally put that behind me. I'm not getting in any hurry on this part though (as it is extremely bori

    • January
      • It's the boring stuff that gets ya.....
        UGH! On the one hand I love the new skinner as it makes things a lot more "wysiwyg". On the other hand, I absolutely HATE having to add in all these menus. Not only do I have to add a function to display a menu, but I also have to add code to about 4 more functions which retrieve all the

      • Bloopers and Practical Jokes (And more functionality too!)
        Ok, a few things to go over today. First off, I'm not quite done with the internal skinner yet. I've added all the primary settings, but there are still a few new settings to add. I should be done within a day or so, but it's mostly a "this is boring so I don't want to do

      • Dk's New Internal Skinner
        As I undertake the task of finishing up half-completed code in dk to get it ready for next month's release it has become apparent to me that I might not get around to updating the documentation anytime soon. (Or ever, for that matter.) So the easiest thing for me to do is to psuedo document n

      • I'm an Idiot!
        Ever had one of those days where you try to solve a problem the hard way only to find out later that the solution was actually MUCH simplier than you thought? Ever had an entire YEAR like that? Well, apparently I did. Aside from the lack of a new skin an a few very minor bugs, one of the main rea

      • Happy New Year! (No I'm not Dead)
        There hasn't been much activity because the holidays kept me busy. Unfortunately, there probably won't be any significant releases for a while still. I've been experimenting with new programming languages and (gasp!) some hardware programming as well. There are a few neglected rele

  • 2007
    • August
      • MAME Patcher FE
        Headkaze has sent me a number of apps to host. One of them is Patcher FE. This handy little app patches in the best fe-friendly hacks into the mame source code. For those of you who insist on hiscore support or want to remove those disclaimers this will save you a lot of time! The app is in the

      • Mame Hooker source code back in sync.
        Version 2.1 of the source code is up. Be warned, the addition of the pac-drive was a bit of a hack and as of this build it is rather messy in there.

      • About Johnny 5 added
        Just more of the clean-up process. Check the about J5 link if you are confused to it's usage and want some helpful links. Also the about InterOp page has been added.

        Enjoy! :-)

      • Mame InterOp FINALLY Up!
        I'm really ashamed that it took so long for me to get this one up. The Mame InterOp project is what spawned mame hooker. Basically it is an open-source sdk that has a handy communication dll and source code examples in most languages showing how to connect to mame's outputs. Those of yo

      • Site Changes in Progress
        One of the things I've really neglected over the years is the documentation and explaination of my various apps. I thought this would be a good time to go back and document some of the more popular applications so newbies can understand exactly what they are downloading. If you look in the MA

      • Mame Hooker 2.1!
        This release, amoung other minor bug fixes adds Pac-Drive support! Andy himself did the testing, so be sure to thank him!

    • July
      • Mame Hooker 2.0 Released! (And an Apology)
        Mame Hooker 2.0 is out!

        Major updates include but are not limited to:

        Command-line/DDE support, which means that developers of front ends and emulators can interact with mamehooker directly via dde interface and users can send commands to an already running mamehooker by simply

      • Visual Pinball Wrapper 5.1!
        This is mostly a bug-fix release as it fixes some focus issues others complained about. I also added the feature of skipping the rom selection screen on tables that allow you to select the rom.


      • Regarding Downloads (Part 2)
        The issue appears to be resolved. It was a very localized event only affecting people using winrar. If you had trouble downloading files in the Misc Utilities section, try again, as they should be fixed now. Again, if you find any problems please leave a comment or contact me.

    • June
      • Visual Pinball Wrapper 5.0!
        This one has been a long time coming. The 5th version of the pinball wrapper adds better dual screen functionality, the ability to add backglass-based artwork files on your secondary screen, and improved general functionality. Per request, the warning screen can now be edited. Go to the wrapper d

      • Regarding Downloads
        Some people are complaining about corrupted downloads on the site. I can assure everyone that the files themselves are fine, but there could be something going on in the transfer process. If you have trouble with a file, please respond to this post with the name of the file and your byoac name so I

      • Launch Day Suprise App!
        When re-organizing the site I was embarassed to discover I had a "lost" app! On the misc utilities page, you'll find it....

        Introducing The PC Games Utility!!!

        The PCG cleverly creates files to make all of pc games look like roms to your front-end. It automatic

      • Regarding External Linking....
        To help monitor popularity of certain apps, I've added download trackers to all files on the site. I would appreciate it if anyone who's linked directly to an app in the past two or three weeks would please change the url to the new tracker url. Then I can tell how much you guys enjoy th

      • I'm Baaaaaaaack!
        Thanks for being so patient guys. Well the new site is up and it's ready to roll! You'll notice a significant upgrade in features, including the all-important search feature. Comments are also now allowed and they should be spam free. Also if you have cookies enabled the menus will rem