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      • Goodbye....
        No news isn't always good news I'm afraid. I've spent the last week or so struggling over this decision and believe me when I say it's been a difficult one for me. After a lot of soul searching I've decided to leave byoac forums indefinately. It just seems like it isn

      • Blades, Bookkeeping and Lists
        Just before the 360 was released with it's blade menu I had a working beta of dk with the exact same idea. Way to steal my thunder m$!!! :-P Anyway, my blade, like their's pops up regardless of where you are in dk with the press of a button. The blade allows you to navigate to any of t

      • Stuck in the Middle....
        Well the cleanup of my raster font code is coming along nicely. When I first added it to dk ages ago, all raster fonts had a ttf dependant that was used to determine postion and scale. At the time I didn't expect fonts to get very fancy and I figured this would save me a lot of calculations o

      • Raster Fonts!
        Finally out of the pure hell that is the skinner, I've decided to focus work on some of dk's more interesting features. One of the things I'm really excited about because it adds a new element to skins is raster fonts. What are raster fonts? Well another name for them is bitmap fon

      • Happy Days are Here Again!
        With the exception of those two or three settings that'll require keyboard/hi-score mode input to set the skinner is now complete! I have no doubt that when this release comes out we'll find a bug or two though as there's simply too many settings for me to catch everything, even with

      • Time for a quick update......
        Ok the internal skinner is just about done at this point. I need to add in two more random settings, implement some way to edit custom lists (which involves thinking about how to add the interface more than anything else) and clean up the menus in general. On thing that still needs implemented f

      • UGH! (Part 3)
        Yup, still working on the skinner. Yup, it still sucks. I had some serious issues getting some of the list options to work, but those seem to be fixed, so I can add the remaining options and finally put that behind me. I'm not getting in any hurry on this part though (as it is extremely bori

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