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      • Site Tweaking....
        I went ahead and updated the about mamehooker page to list the new output devices supported. This page as well as most of the pages on the site will undergo a overhaul in the next few weeks. Examples for mamehooker, as well as downloadable display files and scripts will be added and the direct dow

      • Mamehooker WIP
        Right now mamehooker is the app in active development, mostly for personal reasons. (My cab is getting a hardware upgrade atm.) So I thought I would share my progress.

        I saw headkaze's controls.dat viewer and how it can display secondary artwork on a secondary screen and thought tha

      • Mame Hooker 3.0
        After a very lengthly absence, my first NEW piece of software!

        Mamehooker adds a ton of features and bugfixes. Main highlights include support for wiimotes, xbox 360 controllers, speech synthesis and more. For those of you that want a more lengthy "what's new" read the r

      • Don't Call it a Comeback......
        Almost two years to the day when I left and the Dragon King website is finally back in action! I haven't been sitting on my laurels these past couple of years either, so there are a lot of releases to look forward to. I have finally made the jump from xp to windows 7 and thus now is the time

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