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      • Mame Hooker 3.6
        This version fixes some of the things I didn't fully implement last time as well as adding new functions for all the wacky ideas we've been throwing around over at boyac.

        From the readme:



      • The Status of my Status
        You would think that with the recent release of mamehooker and the ton of display files I did I would be done wiht it for a while. Unfortuantely I'm not. First off, I've added a ton of new features that'll extend mamehooker's usefulness even further so a new version of the app

      • My Loss of Sleep is your gain!
        Couldn't sleep tonight so I decided to do one of those missing display files, Seawolf II

        Check it out:

        I Think she turned out pretty nice. I managed to get all the instruction card text in there, along with all the lamps and a good bit of the bezel artwork.

      • A WIP about a WIP
        On the recently added mamehooker display files section you'll see that I've added a wip at the top of the page. Basically as you know, I've taken the artwork files that Mr. Do and other have created and altered them cosmetically and functionality-wise to work as a mamehooker display

      • Mame Hooker Display Files are Out!!!
        Looking to your right in the mame interop section you'll find the all new display files page! Display files are used in mamehooker to display animated artwork on a second monitor, just like mame, but without the game itself. All of these display files are based on Mr. Do's! official artwo

      • Mame Hooker 3.5 Is Online!
        Ok the release I've been talking about for the last week or so is out.

        New Features: (directly from the readme.)

        What's New
        Added Png support for the displays. (Sorry no transparency.)
      • Of Missile Launchers and HIDs and other things... (Mamehooker wip)
        I finished what will be the next and possibly final version of mamehooker that actually adds new features. This is because the latest thing I've added is generic HID support! For you non-programmers out there, HID devices are basically generic serial (usually usb or bluetooth) devices that yo

      • The plot thickens....
        I got ahold of Mr Do. The beatmania issue was an oversight on his part. It was one of the first output enabled pieces of art he did and wasn't that familair with the game. He told me that he plans to get better images of the game and re-do those, so I'm gonna hold off releasing the beat

      • Is BeatMania THAT unpopular? Or is it just artwork files in MAME?
        As you all know I'm currently working on display files for mamehooker. I've pretty much finished the actual display files so tonight I was going down the line and "hooking up" each display file by adding scripts to each game's ini file. I started to work on beatmania when I

      • Mamehooker WIP
        I posted some info on what will happen next on the site and then nothing....

        So I thought I better post everything's status. The reason I haven't worked on the site or released a new version of mamehooker is simply because I've been busy making display files. Display file

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