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      • blahblah and wahwahwah.....
        It has been brought to my attention that the d3d dlls I included in the latest build generate some files, that apparently try to mess with your proxy. They seem fairly harmless (they are trying to dl an configuration file for the dlls apparently) BUT.

        For the d3d8 dll you'll get thi

      • Some Downtime.
        Lately I have been doing pretty consistant updates and I like doing that when I can, but the real world is closing in and I'm going to have to take some downtime, probably for a month or so.

        The Heater Core in my car busted yesterday, so unless I want to bathe in Anti Freeze I'

      • Taito X Wrapper pack 1.2
        Ok I found some dlls on the net that fix a lot of problems with the Taito X Games.

        I've also cleaned up a removed a lot of bulk in my wrapper.

        The combination of the two is the Taito Type X Wrapper Pack 1.2

        It allows you to rotate all of the Vertical Games (exce

      • OOPS! (Part 2, Electric Boogaloo)
        Yup the link to the no artwork version of the rotate wrappers was broken. The php garbled the link, sorry. It's fixed now, so have fun!

      • Arcana Heart 3 wrapper 1.0
        To go with the other type-x games, I've created a wrapper for Arcana Heart 3, which doesn't give you a proper exit key and screws up the screen resolution. I've also included a utility (not mine) to remap the keys.

        The wrapper does the following:

        1. Launches AH

      • OOPS!!!
        Sorry. I had power outtages yesterday and I didn't get a chance to check the files. GigaWing was missing from the pack and the cfg file for Raiden III was messed up.

        Please download 1.1 to get the full, fixed, version.

      • Taito Type X Wrappers! Rotate the Vertical Games!
        In case you've been living in a cave the past couple of weeks, the Taito Type X Arcade "system" (it's actually a glorified pc running win xp) has been hacked and we can now run arcade versions of the games on our pc!

        Unfortuantely the vertical shooters don't come

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