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    • August
      • MAME Patcher FE
        Headkaze has sent me a number of apps to host. One of them is Patcher FE. This handy little app patches in the best fe-friendly hacks into the mame source code. For those of you who insist on hiscore support or want to remove those disclaimers this will save you a lot of time! The app is in the

      • Mame Hooker source code back in sync.
        Version 2.1 of the source code is up. Be warned, the addition of the pac-drive was a bit of a hack and as of this build it is rather messy in there.

      • About Johnny 5 added
        Just more of the clean-up process. Check the about J5 link if you are confused to it's usage and want some helpful links. Also the about InterOp page has been added.

        Enjoy! :-)

      • Mame InterOp FINALLY Up!
        I'm really ashamed that it took so long for me to get this one up. The Mame InterOp project is what spawned mame hooker. Basically it is an open-source sdk that has a handy communication dll and source code examples in most languages showing how to connect to mame's outputs. Those of yo

      • Site Changes in Progress
        One of the things I've really neglected over the years is the documentation and explaination of my various apps. I thought this would be a good time to go back and document some of the more popular applications so newbies can understand exactly what they are downloading. If you look in the MA

      • Mame Hooker 2.1!
        This release, amoung other minor bug fixes adds Pac-Drive support! Andy himself did the testing, so be sure to thank him!

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