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Championship Fast Draw 
About Championship Fast Draw

Version: 1.0
System Requirements: Vb6 Runtime Files, DirectX 8 or higher with compliant video card.
Status: Permenant Hiatus
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Championship Fast Draw was a real life coin-operated machine produced by Southland Engineering in 1965. In late 2006 I experimented in electro-machanical simulators and this was the first I made. I was sent a batch of super high resolution pictures of the machine at every angle and thus I had good ground to start on. This would also be the first 3d game I ever made.


Like the original machine, CFD has both a one player and two player mode. In single player mode you shoot as quickly as possible after a bell sounds and the shot clock on the game shows your time. In two player mode each player races to see who can get a shot off first. In both cases the game ends after 10 shots. And that's pretty much it. Note that there aren't any "people" to shoot at, you simply shoot forwards. CFD is, of course a lightgun game, but due to the simplistic nature of the game it could be played with a set of pushbuttons. (The original game didn't even require you to aim.)

Simulation Accuracy:

Due to the very nice pictures that were sent to me, physically the machine is spot-on 100% accurate. With that being said, the gameplay is probably not very accurate. While the general gameplay is correct, I simply had to guess with the timing and the sounds.

Project Status:

For now it is finished. If I ever get some video of the gameplay of the original machine I will go back and modify the code accordingly. Also it might be nice to add some "people" to shoot at, just to make things more complete.

Developed By: Howard Casto