The Dragon King
(I) Fix(ed)-it Felix Jr. 
About (I)Fix(ed) it Felix Jr. Overview:


To promote the video-game-centric Wreck it Ralph, Disney commissioned the creation of an actual arcade game and had it placed inside converted Donkey Kong cabinets. The MAME community drooled over these things for ages, but only last spring was an early build of the game leaked onto the net.

Unfortunately the build had some things wrong with it. High scores won't save, the inputs are hard-coded, the game lacks support for fullscreen on a horizontal monitor and joystick support is non-existant.

My wrapper uses some memory injection techniques I used for UMKKE to fix all of this as well as adding MAME-style bezel support along with the ability to adjust the lives and a freeplay mode.


Fullscreen modes work for both modes work for both vertical AND horizontal orientations.

All keys are fully re-mappable.

Full joystick support including hat-switch (d-pad) support.

The ability to exit via the press of a key/button or a combination of two keys/buttons.

Mame-style Support for bezels, in both full and cropped modes.

The Cursor is hidden

Repaired "High Score" keeping that gets saved upon exit.

Save support for the top scores/initials.

Freeplay Mode

Extra Lives dipswitch, allowing you to select the amount of extra lives you start with.