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About Mame Hooker Overview:


As long as there have been ports of lightgun games on the PC there have been issues with using an actual lightgun controller on the pc. Around 10 years ago we got the act labs USB guns, and unfortunately none of the pc games at the time supported two guns! Then "the troubleshooter" (which I am NOT affiliated with in any way) was released. It used memory hacking and keypress simulation to hack in support for dual lightguns for all the pc games. It worked (and still works) great. Since then both the hardware and software has moved on. True lightguns are now mostly a thing of the past. We use IR guns now and they can show up as not only a mouse, but in the case of wiimotes, a joystick. Also lightgun games have shifted from pc games to emulators, some of which are defunct, closed source, and don't have lightgun support. So I decided to make a brand new Troubleshooter, which supports all the old games as well as the Model 2 emulator, which emulates the true arcade versions of many of the pc ports. It also does much more.

Supported PC Games:

House of the Dead

House of the Dead 2

House of the Dead III

Virtua Cop / Virtua Squad

Virtua Cop 2 / Virtua Squad 2

Supported Model 2 Games:

Behind Enemy Lines

Gunblade NY

House of the Dead

Virtua Cop

Virtua Cop 2

Supported Model 2 Games (Outputs Only):

....A Lot (WIP)...

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