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About Outrun 2 FXT 
About Outrun 2 FXT Overview:


In the early 2000's Sega took the world by storm with the creation of the first true sequel to Outrun, Outrun 2, which in turn produced it's own expansion, Outrun SP. The two versions were eventually merged into a single title for the home console and pc under the title Outrun 2006.

Unfortunately the pc build of the game was rushed and had some things wrong with it. Wheel support is shoddy, the game has issues with multiple gamepads and force feedback was omitted. In addition there are a few songs missing, some censorship and various arcade inaccuracies

Outrun 2 FXT: Feel the road, is an extreme hack via a wrapper and some other techniques to get the game as arcade accurate as possible as well as making the game more steering wheel friendly. Of course the main draw is the addition of force feedback.


Window and Fullscreen modes and support for spanned monitors.

Wheel Override, which eliminates the rather large default deadzone.

Shifter Override, which allows for the use of a H-shifter up/down shifter or both.

VR Override which allows each view to get it's own button and custom camera views.

Joystick Override, which fixes the games tendency to forget joystick mappings.

De-censored Clarissa graphics.

Arcade Mode, which hides the menus and makes the game run like Outrun 2 SP

Bonus Songs, including two tracks omitted from the US version of the game.

Fixed horn button that actually honks

The ability to play as the unfinished bonus drivers, and flag man!

Force-feedback and xinput rumble.

And more on the way!