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About UCDP 
About UCDP Overview:


Console emulators are great. Everyone loves them. But the developers of these emulators seem to be ignorant of the fact that most people play them with gamepads. Core functions of the emulator are often buried in a "hotkeys" menu, which often can only be mapped to keyboard keys. Heck some emulators won't even let you exit properly!

Thus the Universal Console Dashboard Project, or UCDP. The goal of the project is simple... give popular emulators a menu, accessible via not only a gamepad, but a gamepad that only has the original buttons of the console available to it.

I've currently made three lua scripts for Gens, FCEUX and Snes9x. These scripts give you access to loading/saving game states with a snapshot preview, the ability to reset the game, and exit the emulator, all without ever having to touch a keyboard!


A fully skinnable menu that can be accessed by pressing select+start or the tilde key.

LoadState/SaveState Menu with snapshot preview of all the states.

A reset button.

A Power button which exits the emulator.

Game Genie Support (FCEUX only)

Optional Input preset selection (FCEUX only)

Zero configuration required with the default setup, drop the scripts in the folder and play.