The Dragon King
Misc Emu Utilities 
Lazarus Utilities
  • NEW! Mame Patcher FE Downloaded times
    A app made by headkaze that patches mame's source code to add various FE friendly hacks, including skip warnings and hiscore support!
  • PC Games Utility and Launcher  Downloaded times
    An almost "turn-key" solution to adding and launching pc games within a front-end. No other pc launching solution on ANY front-end is as elegant and simple as this method.
  • Zinc Control Config Utility 1.5 download  Downloaded times
    A utility that not only lets you setup your controls in zinc, but also sets up the command line wrapper for DK and makes a zinc.dat automatically!
  • M.E.S.S.-ed Utility download  Downloaded times
    A magical "catch-all" utility that can inject mess info, rename roms to their "good names" and generate dat files.
  • Izaram's Dat Maker download  Downloaded times
    A Dat maker that will generate dats from any file type in multiple directories.

  • Visual Pinball utility download  Downloaded times
    A Visual Pinball CRC checker

  • Dat & list generator download  Downloaded times
    A dat file & custom list generator.