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About Checkered Flag Overview:


As the self-proclaimed "king" of Front-End developers (I've been doing this since 1999) I've learned a lot over the years. The primary thing I've learned is that adding a ton of bells and whistles is the wrong way to go when developing a front-end. All you need is a nice, pretty list with a simple layout that's easy to understand, easy to navigate and fairly simple to setup.

For a racing cabinet things need to be especially simple due to the unique nature of the controls.

So for the first time in years I have decided to come out of retirement and make a easy to use, easy to setup front-end for racing games. Most things are ready to go, you simply need to change your paths.

Note: Checkered Flag May Require Direct-X 4 VB Installer (depending upon your setup)


Fully Skinnable

Supports Videos, split png, and video streaming for textures.

Each element has various blending options.

Support for simple transition animations.

Support for multiple gamelists, per-game configurations, and multiple emulators.

Easy to create game list format that you can make manually or with the help of the list manager.

Each gamelist can have custom images but NOT a custom skin. This prevents users without taste from making ugly, disjointed skins. ;-)

Supports keyboard, joystick (or wheel) and mouse navigation, with things pre-configured in a way that will work for most setups.

Includes sample configuration files and loaders for all the popular racing emulators.

Image Packs: (Extract to "Images" for by default)

Note: Most Snaps and Titles were taken from Progretto-Snap packs so full credit goes to him. To download flyers and other supplemental images for CF FE, please use his packs.

GameLogo Pack 1.0 (REQUIRED For Proper Operation)

Combined Image Pack 1.0 (8/27/2014) (Note: Contains GameLogo Pack 1.0, so no need to download both)

Preview Video: